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The Federal Law of the Russian Federation No. 152-FZ “On personal data” is the federal law which prescribes activities to process personal data.

1. Definitions web based project (hereinafter, “we”) has strong views to a confidentiality of information of customers and visitors of the (hereinafter “you”, “visitors of a web site”). We call an information as personalized one if it includes personal data (for example: full name, login or a company name) of a web site’s visitor, and also an information about actions made by you on an web site. (for example: a web site’s visitor order with a contact information). We call data as anonymous one, which cannot be unequivocally identified with a specific visitor of a web site (for example: a web site traffic statistics).

2. Use of Information

We use a personalized information of a specific web site’s visitor only to provide high quality services and account these. We do not disclose any personalized data of some web site’s visitors to other web site’s visitors. We never make a personalized information publicly available and do not transmit it to third parties. The only exception are situations when providing of such information to authorized state bodies is prescribed by the current legislation of the Russian Federation. We only publish and distribute reports generated on the basis of collected anonymous data. Such reports do not include an information which would allow to identify personalized data of services’ users. We also use anonymous data for an internal analysis which is designed to develop products and services.

3. Links can provide links to other web sites which do not relate our company and belong to third parties. We do not bear responsibility for an accuracy, completeness and reliability of data published on third parties’ web sites. We do not commit any obligations to provide a confidentiality of any information you published on such web sites.

4. Disclaimer

We do our best to comply with this confidentiality policy, however, we cannot guarantee an information integrity in case of influence of factors we do not control, due to which an information can be disclosed. and all information published on it is presented “as is” without any guarantees. We do not bear responsibility for adverse consequences, and also for any losses due to a restriction of access to a web site or visits of a web site and use of an information published on it.